Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I Have A Hater;O..Amoung All MY Fan's there Is One Hater;O..Anything She Says PLEASE Do NOT Listen To Her,I Have Not Be MEAN To Anyone At All,Unless You Ask For It;)..And What Ever She Says Aint True! Alright Beeeeeeys:)...Looove You All,Apart Form The Hater;)...Peace
Right This Boy Is A Lovely,And He Wants To Be Famous;),
He Is Caring Like Feeck;)..(Not Gonna Swear)
Like One Of My First Friends On Msp..:P
He's Like One Of My Besties:')
Would Saay Alot About Him But It Would Be A Massive Essay;)..Yeaaaah Buddy;)..You Should Like Totally Add Him If You Have Msp:P


I Have A Stalker On Facebook;O
All My Notification Were Full Up With This Girl!
FunnyBunny x You STALKER!;)
Offfft,Me Casually Poseing;)...---->
Peace Out,Looove You All:')
I Put A Art Book Up Called The Real Me,For All Of You That Are Asking Me Is That True?..Well Yes It Is..

Anyway My New Look...I kinda Loooove It:!:D..Here Is A Piccccy! ---->

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Offft...I Havent Updated In AGES!...Well I Hardly Ever Go On Msp Anymore,It Gets Really Boring..I Am Going On It Abit More cooz I got Tom Back :D..Anyway Here Is a Pic Of Me and One Of My Bezzies In School,We Were In Science In The Pic.We Got Bored And We Were Taking Piccys :D...